Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Roopkund - Tales from a Distant Land..

Aug 24
Its the road today. We are off early. Our bags hauled up into the TATA Sumo..
Its hot!.. Sultry! :(
Long long journey.. We stop for tea and breakfast and keep moving..
The Ganges and her tributaries journey with us along the way.
We reach Rishikesh in the evening ..Stroll around to the Laxman Jula..
I would love to be back and explore this place again.
Bianca heads to the bus stand to see if we can get tickets.. We get some sort of semi reservation by paying a token amount. We take the bus at 10:30.. Chandan gets off at some spot close to home..
It has been wonderful being part of this team.. Am going to miss these people :)
The journey is fairly comfortable and I sleep a bit

Aug 25
We reach Delhi early and take an auto to the airport. Three people sitting cramped with all our luggage :). My flight is not until 5:50 PM. I see if I can get an early ticket. Theres a kingfisher flight at 9:30 am told. Its a lil bit more expensive.. Do the mental math and decide I would spend that much if I stayed back at the airport.
So I cancel and rebook my flight.. Am reaching earlyyyyyy :)
Say good bye and am off.. Buy a few books and Cds at Landmark.
The first sight of the Bangalore Airport ...and am soooo happy..
Take a cab back..Am Homeeeeeee!


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