Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Roopkund- Tales from a Distant Land..

Aug 18
Bedni Bugyal --> Pathal Nachooniya
Warm Sunshine..Such a welcome change.
Woken up with Hot tea. Morning Luxury. Five star treatment up in the mountains.
Today we Leave Bedni Bugyal. We climb higher and reach Pathal Nachooniya. Legend has it that an angry goddess once turned a king and his camping party after a night of revelry into stone. The boulders seen around the place are believed to be the dancers in the court of the king.
Before we leave, I decide to make a call back home. Not sure when I will have a phone connection again.At 9:30 , we are off. Breakfast in record time. Feed the doggie some toast. Such a sweetheart.
The Lake beside our camping spot in Bedni
Cattle Grazing
The Famed Himalayan Blue Poppy
..The Blue Poppy
We climb a little. Bedni looks spectacular in the morning sun. The lake by her side. Cows grazing. Stopping to take frequent pictures I somehow don't fall into rhythm and find the initial uphill stretch a little hard. Stop and start over once again. This time it works.Lots of flora and fauna....And then we see the blue poppy! :)..
The colors seem to have faded a bit.
For the first time since we started its not raining. Its wonderful walking in the sun..
Trekking to Pathal Nachiniya
Wild Himalyan Flowers
Wild Himalayan Flowers
We camp in Pathal Nachiniya
Pathal Nachnooniya
Our Tents :)
We are there.. Its 12:00 noon... Pitch our tents. Just in time. The drizzle begins again. We have gained a height of about 300 m. hot Kichidi for lunch. This place is really windy .
I'm beginning to miss home


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  1. o meens !!! i cant wait for the rest!! im almost transported there seein the pics and reading ur entries... wow. im actually even wheezing..THAT realistic!!!!!! =)



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