Sunday, August 23, 2009

Roopkund - Tales from a Distant Land..

Aug 22 Bedni Bugyal --> Wan

The Luxuries of a Hot Bath!

Closer to Home.. Today we cover the 12km stretch from Bedni to Wan..
The trek through the forests was with the rains by our side during the way up..This time around its with bright sunshine..
The morning gave me the opportunity to photograph two wonderful people I met during my stay at Bedni. One was the doggie who lived at GMKV.
The Doggie of GMKV :)
...And He Wanted to Play
.. He was in the mood to play.. But we were short of time
The Old Lady whom I came to love. She would arrive with our daily supply of milk and an inexhaustable list of ailments :)
The other was the old lady who lived down the hill. Her raspy voice smells of the mountain air. She was very curious to see what the picture on the camera would be like..
Trekking down to Wan
Upma and hot tea for breakfast and we're off. If uphill is hard on the lungs, downhill is really really hard on the legs..especially the knees.
Loads of pics. We reach Wan and make our way to GMKV. This time getting the room is not a smooth affair ..Finally the caretaker relents.. We lug our bags in.. :)
Fauna of the Himalayas
On our way to Wan

Wan from a distance
The white sheets and the neatly covered beds look so inviting that I just want to dive in and sleep..
How can I forget, after close to a week, we have the luxury of having a hot bath.... My hair feels matted... Tangled and messy... Feels wonderful to be clean again..
Am glad I didn't choose to snooze, cause Lunch was something to remember. Kadi and hot rice. .. Was fantastic..
Nap I did, but post lunch. Tea and snacks , conversation through the evening .
Its time to hit the bed :)


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