Monday, September 7, 2009

Roopkund and Back..

Its been a busy few days since I've been back.. The feeling is incredible..
Travel is just not about travel.. Its not about getting to a place..
Its about societies in movement.. Its like floating across time to a different place far away, ..its about Culture and the human need to adapt.. Its about the challenge the destination throws at you..
Its an experience .. and the limitation that language encounters when confronted with the need to generate descriptions :)

Close to 90 Kms .. In 9 days.. Touched a height of 5029m..
Met some really incredible people..
And now feel like am sitting on a pretty little secret.. Which I've shared in parts.. :)

Someone said.. Visit the Himalayas and the mountains will call you again..
Here's hoping the mighty mountains call me many times over :)



  1. hey - the trek sounds interesting. actually, someone else was also telling me about roopkund - may be sometime in the future :)

    Looks like u went with a grp u didnt kno? that's really cool :)

  2. and yes, the mountains do call u over and over again. just that, people get too lazy or busy to answer that call!

  3. Hey.. haha :) yeah thats probably true..
    Ypu should def try this and yes I went with Basecamp, a group here that organises trek..
    Do let me know if you want details..
    How was Europe ? ..:))..Need I even ask

  4. definitely - i will drop u a line, although planning a vacation anytime soon would be hazardous to my job :)

    Europe was fab! more on that on my blog soon, hopefully :)

  5. def. an awesome trip. would have been nice if you got to some pirates.. saved a few lives.. found a treasure..



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