Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Roopkund -Tales from a Distant Land..

Aug 17
Bedni Bugyal --> Ali Bugyal --> Bedni Bugyal

'Green is What Green Does'
Tents demand economy of space. Found myself waking up couple of times in the middle of the night confused about how I was sleeping. Pitch dark - Theres little you can say about your spatial orientation. And my only resort was to wake up Bianca.. :)

Woken up with hot tea. Breakfast follows. We trek to Ali Bugiyal. Endless green melting into the horizon. Mist covered forests in the background. Flowers of every color. Wild Strawberries.. Wild horses galloping, Cows grazing..
The incessant drizzle ..And the Chilly breeze
Whoever said Life doesn't work on the planet?!?

A threatened bull runs as we enter his territory.. Funny Sight!
We walk the 2 km stretch and trek back.

Hot Koftas and Rice await us.
Fresh curd from the toothless hag who lives about a km away. Remarkable society up here in the mountains. As we sit having lunch, I begin to feel very cold. Am almost shivering. So retire to the warmth of my sleeping bag..Catch some sleep.

Woken up in the evening.. Tea and hot pakodas.. Do a quick check of inventory. Repack my backpack.Bianca calls out and i run outside with my camera
Rainbow.. Prettiest I've ever seen ..Stretching across the blue sky.. The colors grow
stronger.. in a while a second arch appears.. Breathtaking sight!.. The first time the sun has been out in ages...Wishing for some more..
Lasts for a while and then the illusion fades away :)
It starts raining again. I run back for safety..

Dinner is served..Today more than ever I just want to stay put.. But make my way to the other tent.. Bianca tells us about the visiting mountaineers from neighboring countries who tend to take rare flowers and animals with them when they leave. The Wild garlic is one such exotic plant found up here in the higher reaches of the Himalayas.

Decide to call it a night really early.. Thankfully am tired. Sleep well through the night.


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