Monday, August 24, 2009

Roopkund - Tales from a Distant Land..

Aug 23
Wan --> Loharjung
I can Call!! :))
On our way from Wan Village
A Waterfall in Wan
Local Children dressed in traditional Dresses
We climb down to Loharjung Today. From there we take the road.
Am going to miss Wan.. The sight of this picturesque, neatly spaced, beautiful Himalayan village..the children with sing song voices ..

The 15Km stretch is fairly straightforward. So all you need to do is keep walking. Am lower in energy levels today..Don't feel like myself..
The group spends a lot of time taking pictures of birds...
We keep walking and we finally reach GMKV. The Kitchen has been wound up for the trek . So Lunch and Dinner is at the small shop round the corner.
We exchange addresses and repack our bags. The first thing I do once I get here is call.. :))
This is something I really really missed.
We are almost home. Tomorrow we leave early to Rishikesh by Road.
Our bus to Delhi is only later in the evening. Just hoping getting tickets is not as chaotic as last time.
Go to bed to early :)


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