Sunday, August 16, 2009

Roopkund - Tales from a Distant Land..

Aug 14
Rishikesh --> Loharjung

6:00 AM Wide Awake as the Bus Rides into Haridwar.. Religion and Sanitation are not exactly the Best of friends ..At least here in India..
The bus driver decides on behalf of all the passengers that we would like to have a dip in the Ganges and stops by the River Bank.. Starts offloading the Luggage..
Puzzled expressions all around .. Finally the group fights back and he agrees to drop us at the Bus stand...
Driving through one of the Villages
A Suspension Bridge
Devprayag - Confluence of the rivers Alaknanda and Bageerathi
One of the many Rivers along the way

Traffic Queuing up, waiting for a landslide to be cleared
We reach the Bus Terminal .. Get some tea..
Now how do we get to Rishikeh.. There doesn't seem to be any buses... !..
We Finally take a Shared Auto... Close to 9 people Squeezed in with all our Luggage.. Its not too bad.. What matters is we get to our destination.. How seems inconsequential :)

A TATA Sumo waits for us.. We meet the rest of the crew here..
Our Guide, Chandan Singh.. The Cook, Ramachander.. Our Driver, Girish..
We Breakfast at a pretty place by the Riverside.. And we are off to Mundoli..
Little way into our journey, We have our first encounter with a landslide..
Its Raining and Landslides are pretty common around here.. Scary!..
The Rains make the heat bearable..Beautiful Drive along the Ganges..
Love the sights of Bridges appearing into View.. They bring Life and Sustenance to the people here..Lifelines to Everything !
Confluences... Of Ganges... Her Tributaries.. Fascinating!.. Watching the Colors merge and then flow as one..
As we wait for the third landslide to be cleared , we stop for tea..
Take some pics of the Traffic jam that's ensued..Its one long Drive.. Drive past Mundoli .. Into Sleepy Loharjung.. Into the Darkness.. Theres no Power here..
Our trek begins here..
For the night we stay at the GMKV guesthouse.. Dinner at a small shop.. With a TV..
Listen to the locals discussing Swine Flu :).. Dispensing Wisdom!

Time to go to bed.. Am Excited.. Tomorrow We start our journey to Roopkund ..Am asleep in couple of seconds..


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