Saturday, April 26, 2008

Costa Rica...

Visited the Turubari National Park. 595 Acers of Tropical rain forest preserved...

'Canopy' is a famous Costa Rican Activity. It involves being suspended by Pulleys and going through the rain forest from one Tree top to another. The longest lines is about 700 metres. Here I am all strapped up and good to go..

You can see the canopy line to your left . That's how high it is

Here I go..

The second activity was something called as the sensational cable. Its a little scary because you are suspended through the length of your body and you slide down suspended by a pulley.
You travel 1200 ms this way and it takes about 45 seconds. Its scary before you take off. Once you do its a wonderful feeling. Feel like a bird.. and you really do get a bird's eye view.
Am Off..
We had lunch there. The group I travelled with today was very interesting. There was this little kid who would volunteer first for any activity. Her Dad had no other option but to follow. Though vexed he was really proud and was bragging about how his daughter was fearless. He went on to say how in his youth he had served in the army and how terrible it was because you cant get out once you are in.  Wit and Sarcasm are an explosive combination ! :)
Then there was this couple who stay in Costa Rica who were also touring with us. And the lady fainted because of the sun. She was being treated for dehydration and this guy started taking pictures.. :D.. Apparently he wanted to remember it all.. :D:D .. I found it so funny..People do strange things when in love I guess!
We were back by 6:00. Traffic here is just as bad as it is in India.
Meena Venkataraman

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