Monday, April 21, 2008

Costa Rica ..

Fri was crazy. Lots of paperwork at work. A quicker than usual lunch. Pav Baaji at Periamma's place was Yummy. Lots of hectic shopping. Of course Poonai came along to help. Lots of stuff on short notice. Even managed to grab a Baskin Robbins ice cream amidst all the chaos. Don't have a camera as yet...
Subu is at the IPL launch. Not sure if he'll be back in time. But am all packed finally and rechecking everything. Last minute phone calls :). Quick Crazy dinner.. And am all set.
Like to travel light. Flying Air France for the First time. Flight was not bad at all. 10 hours to Paris. But missed the flight to Caracas. Waited to get a transit Visa for a couple of hours at the airport. Finally I get it and get to the transit hotel. It's so cold. Its so Beautiful. Quaint, Pretty and so Lovely. Curse myself for not having a camera. Talk a walk around the hotel. I wish i had a camera. I really do wish I have a camera...
Chat for a while and another quick walk.. What time is it?.. Paris is only 3 and 1/2 hours behind us. Why did I think it was on the other side of the globe? Strange the things we assume..
I decide to take a quick nap... And when i get up its 3 in the morning..Hmm..
Quick Breakfast and to the airport...
Finally manage to get my camera.. Am in love with it..
9 and 1/2 more hours to Caracas. The airport is almost on the shore. Have a geologist for a co-passenger and he explains why the airport is perched on the beach and the topography of Venezuala.
All I hear is Spanish... Would love to learn Spanish... Just imagine one of these days am going to go all around South America along the route of the Motorcycle diaries.. :)... Do I need a license to dream?..Can't believe I haven't been air sick so far..
Get the Flight to San Jose... Well I spoke too soon.. Air sick the moment I put a little food in my mouth..Just can't wait to get to the hotel..
Finally am here.. Take a cab to the hotel.. Its sooooooooo Pretty...As usual first thing I do is check out the view. My room overlooks a golf course...
Well am here.. !
-Meena Venkataraman

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