Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Costa Rica..

I have been up since 1. I just can't seem to get the time right. The Sun is up by 5. The View outside is lovely. Get some work done and get ready for my first day out in Costa Rica..
The packaged tour that I have paid for picks you up and drops you back at the hotel. We start at 7:00 AM. There are about 10 others. Sit upfront . Makes me feel like am driving the bus.
The Steets of Costa Rica

Out first Stop is the Doka Estate. The guide explains how coffee is made. The more you roast the beans the less the caffeine. Talks a little about the different Blends. Here in Costa Rica the seeds are hand picked as opposed to whats done with machines in Brazil and other countries like Columbia. The estate makes eight different kinds of coffee.
Coffee Estates
A Lesson in Cofee Making

Picture shows the samplings which are less than a year old. Coffee is often grown with Banana which protects it from the winds. We breakfast here.

Cofee Seeds
On our way we get to taste some Coffee Liqueur. It tastes great. Wonder if I could buy some but decide against it..
Entrance to Poas National Park
Our next stop is the Poas volcano . the volcano is 8200 feet above sea level and is surrounded by lush forests. Costa Rica belongs to the pacific ring of fire and so has about 117 odd volcanoes. The highest Costa Rica`s volcano is Irazu, the most active is Arenal and Poas has the second widest crater in the world. (diameter 1,5 kilometres).
Volcano Poas
The Mouth of the Crater..
It has three craters, only one is active. The active crater measures 1.k Km in diameter and is 300 m deep(900 feet). you can smell sulphur in the air. The crater looks ancient and black. The last major eruption happened in 1910. Ever since this crater has been spewing poisonous gases. Legend has it that the word Poes comes from a indigenous Indian Tribe
I was there..
At the Park
One of the craters is a lagoon filled with water and ambushed by lush green tropical forests

Quick Lunch and we then head to the La Paez Waterfall. Theres an Aviary here and it wonderful seeing all the birds. some like the toucan I've only seen on National Geographic and their curious pretty faces really made me smile.

The Butterfly farm was full of rioting colours. Caught a few on my camera

Humming Bird..

And Finally got to see the elusive Humming Bird..!

The Waterfall was really pretty. But I've seen far prettier ones back home in India. For me the greatest thing would always be standing by the smouldering volcano wondering what would happen if it erupts :)

Where the opening scene of Jurassic Park was shot..
On the way back we stopped by another waterfall. the opening scene in Jurassic Park is supposed to have been shot here.

Our Day ended with  a boat ride on one of the local rivers which connects Costa Rica to Nicaragua. Costa Rica is teeming with wildlife. The best way to seesome is by cruising through the river ecosystems.
Vultures feeding on a cow's Caracas
Very quickly we spotted vutures feeding on what looked like a Cow's carcas. I can't believe we are this close. They don't seem to care that we are around. they continue eating , indifferent to our presence.

And then it poured for a couple of minutes.. The weather here is really capricious. We sat back in the boat watching ripples and hearing the rush of rain water coming down on the roof of the boat.
 The boat ride ended and I was dropped back home..Tired and Exhausted ..But happy! :).
Wish everyday was as nice as this one
-Meena Venkataraman

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