Thursday, August 12, 2010


Stone Cold after our windy rendezvous with Stonehenge, we settled into our seats and sat back enjoying the ride to the charming English city of Bath. We were given a quick glimpse of this gorgeous city as our bus drove around Bath and out Guide pointed out to most landmarks of note.

Driving around Bath..
Bath is such a pretty city.  At the heart of it likes The Ancient Roman Bath , beautifully preserved.
Now a world heritage site, the Baths were constructed by the Romans around Hot Springs in this area.  There also stands a temple to the Goddess Minerva. The Audio Guides provided plenty of information about the history.

The Roman Bath

The City.. Almost all the buildings are made of Bath Stone...

Just outside the Roman Bath is the Famous Abbey. We did not go inside.
Bath is an architectural marvel. So we prayed for bright sunshine and walked around this beautiful city . Bath wears the golden hues of her buildings almost all of which are made of creamy Bath Stone .  Since Bath is right on the River Avon, as an artist I would have loved to do a Venice and see the reflections of these buildings , unfortunately the River is not as central . So its entirely upto my imagination and I've given myself the creative license to paint what my minds eye wants to see :).

An explosion of culture sees itself in the abundance of theaters, museums, architecture , two colleges. The space around the Abbey was filled with artistic performances, dance and music.

Dancers.. The Bath Abbey in the Background

Beautiful Performances

Sally Lunn - The oldest shop in Bath

We lunched on a little place above the Pulteney Bridge, and my fascination for boats and seascapes kept me standing on the bridge, watching the seagulls land .. The bridge is lined with shops and is supposed to be one of the very few bridges in the world that is so..

The Pulteney Bridge

We enjoyed our day out .. Hope for bluer skies next time around :) As evening descended we drove out and back to London.



  1. Looks like u are keeping busy on weekends! bath is quaint. was sad i didnt get to stay in one of the cute roadside inns u pass before u arrive in town. but the sally lun bun was too lame :D (thats what i ate to save money - ended up being more exp and less tasty!)

    btw, was in bangalore and wanted to chk out the train track area u had posted pics abt, but hardly it good in evenings too?

  2. Hey Neeraja
    You can find the railway track close to CV Raman Nagar... It runs alongsie the road and leads to old Madras Road...

    Sally Lunn ...:D... was forewarned so didn,t really buy anything from there!... The pics were enough ;)

    In South America at the moment..
    Yet to read the Italy bloggie completely...
    soon soon :)

  3. Loved the picture 'Beautiful performances'...and really like your header image and the line that goes with it!

  4. Kalps - Will think of something soon ..thaks for the feedback



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