Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tales from the Underground -2..

A small note on Reading Preferences..

I pick up the metro , cringe reading about Life's unpleasant realities on the first few pages, move on to the national news and world events, devour the book reviews and features on travel destinations, and then just skip the sports page :)

With amusement noted that the co-passenger sitting across me started reading the paper in reverse order.. Starting from the Sports page!!!! Interesting indeed



  1. no new stories today? U shd write a poem on the kinda people you see while on the train. i like observing people..
    this is something I wrote long bak

    The melody the train sings with the tracks;
    The marathon of the greenaries passing by;
    The rustling of the passengers;
    The mere idleness of time
    Would have been wonderful..If only...U were here......

    idhu yaeppadi irukku ;0)



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