Monday, August 30, 2010

Shakespeares Globe..

I haven't read too much Shakespeare in school. Its something I've been wanting to do all along something thats been on my To- Do list for ages.
But Literature doesnt just tell us stories , they tell us tales of a past that we dont know, that we havent been part of. It tells us about histories long forgotten. It tells us about how people lived and how they saw the world then.And so it is with Shakespeare. Rather than just read catching the plays seemed to be a better option

The Shakespeare's Globe is a reconstruction of Shakespeare's original Globe theater. The original was destroyed by a fire.It really does endevour to create an experience which is a throwback to his era.
We watched the 'Midsummer Night's Dream' one cold evening at the globe. I mention the cold, because as the evening wore on , it became a tangible presence amidst us. The Globe is open. We were not bold enough to buy tickets for the Yard where you can stand and watch the play much like what was done long ago. We were seated in the Upper Pavilion.

View of the stage from where we were seated..

It was such a wonderful viewing experience
There were no mikes, no fancy sets. Everything boiled down to the acting prowess of the actors. They spoke in loud voices, sang, danced, mingled with the audience as part of the play. It was very differnt from our previous Experience at the Lyceum where we watched 'The Lion King'.

The Yard, from where you can stand and watch the play..

During the performance..

Overall we had a very enjoyable evening and will be back to watch more, next time around its a slice of History that we want ;) (Henry IV 1 and Henry IV 2)

Tickets can be booked online. But they are sometimes very hard to get and most plays seemed booked well in advance. So keep your eyes (and ears ) open.  I sure am going to :)


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