Monday, October 24, 2011

A walk to remember..

We have just had dinner. And no Sat is perfect without a walk. We hit the streets. We couldn't have chosen a better time or place. Summer ravished London, teeming with people, pubs overflowing at every turn, and the sun in no hurry to set. Its close to eight , but theres no way you can tell. Everybody wants to get that little extra bit if sunshine, store it away in memory, toast to its warmth, and revel in the little blessing sent by the weather gods. For who knows how these things might turn. Tomorrow it might go back to being grey, for such is London.

The  canal we pass on our way to London Fields
 London can surprise. There's a secret tucked away in every corner. Just because the locals know about it doesn't mean its not secret. Where else will you stop at a bridge and discover a beautiful canal, lined with pretty, colourful boats, sitting by themselves not bothered by who must pass. We explore. The setting is beautiful. The evening is crisp with a slightly mellow sun, the air is warm and the mood happy. We even jump onto one of the boats to take quick pictures only to be told off! :( They did let us take pictures though. As I watch am wishing I have my paints with me. My mind is on a mission to capture every detail, very aware of its own limitations . Cause memory is fickle!
London fields
I so love this city. Where else in the world can you find a green space in the middle of a sprawling metropolis. Where else can you find the old meeting the new the way it does here, not patronizingly but with all the knowledge that the world might pass over into different ways and its not entirely anyone else's doing. Where else can you find history, culture and heritage preserved in the most charming ways. Where else can you find something for every mood..
A game in progress..
A cricket match is in progress. The air smells of barbecues that are still going strong punctuated by the cheerful voices of scores of picnickers (don't know if this really is a word),and happy laughter . We saunter on , contented with how beautiful this day has turned out to be. And we wish for more of summer and more days like this

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