Sunday, October 2, 2011

Watching a champion play..

Did we know then? That we were watching a champion play? No ..We didn't!
It was a beautiful summers day and we were at Wimbeldon, my first time here... It was exciting!.. It was strawberries and cream on a warm afternoon, it was sipping on wine from plastic cups, it was green and purple , it was the light drizzle and the overhanging optimisim of resume of play, it was the cheering heard right outside as we queued to get in, it was watching the scoreboards on center court as we sat in ours... it was the GRASS! And then we watched Kvitova play. It was the second of the three matches we watched that day, and all we thought was great serve!..
Its amazing how loyalties are forged in the space of an afternoon. Two weeks later I found myself cheering with all the enthusiasm of a seasoned fan as I watched her play Sharapova in the final!... .. We really had no idea that we had watched a champion play!

1 comment:

  1. It was a brilliant day out at Wimbledon...well written...great to watch from Murray Mound too.. court 18 was class that day. Loved it.



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