Saturday, June 11, 2011

Scotland Joyride..

Close to six weeks back, we hopped across to Scotland. Two long weekends and a couple of days in between meant we had a good eleven days. Landing in Edinburgh one rainy day, we fell in love with the city. The clouds cleared for us and we hired a car and drove down, visiting loads of places along the way.
Inverness,  Lochness, Aberdeen, before flying down to Lerwick the capital of Shetlands.
A very long time back I watched this programme called the Shetland diaries on BBC.  Ever since that program was aired , I've wanted to go , and finally we were here. Shetlands is gorgeous in every possible way. Its where we truly were in the the midst of nature and the wildlife and birds is something out of the extraordinary :)..
So here you go.. Scotland Joyride! 

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