Saturday, June 4, 2011

The joys of summer..

For a while now I've been spying on garden activity. Officially summer is here and it has become a whole lot warmer. So warm that I can venture out without a coat and nothing can really beat that feeling. When I spy on my garden visitors its normally with a cup of tea in my hand , my mobile lying carelessly on the kitchen counter at which I gaze every now and then to make sure am doing okay on time. Of late my morning ritual has been super entertaining.
So the bird feeder is frequented by the likes of pigeons, magpies, sometimes even seagulls..
But I was pleasently surprsed when one day I found one of my furry friends stealthily make his way through the garden.

As I watched wondering what he was upto, he jumped across and got onto the bird feeder. :). You shouldn't be doing that Mr Squirril I though :).

My cheeky little friend then used his tail  as a grasp and swung himself upside down getting hold of all the seeds he could :). It was wonderful to watch.

When he was done, I left with a little chuckle. Ahh... The joys of summer!

-Meena Venkataraman


  1. आप का धन्यवाद ऐसी बेहतरीन फ़ोटो देने के लिये,
    ऐसी फ़ोटो के लिये बहुत धैर्य चाहिए होता है, साथ में संयम भी

  2. This was lovely to read and with perfect photographs to go with the story... Enjoyed reading this!

  3. nice capture Meena, he loves posing for you :)



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