Sunday, February 27, 2011

Of Garden Visitors of the very special kind..

The seasons are changing, and its wonderful to see evidence of that change all around.
Its amazing what a little bit of sunshine and a little rain can do. All around I see hints of colour breaking through otherwise brown ground. The first blossoms of, if I may say spring.

The garden is bustling with activity. And if not for the cold I would be able to camp out more easily trying to get a few pictures..
And today I did spy the magpie. After days of watching from my window I finally got the pictures I was looking for. They don't seem to be shy birds. But they did seem determined to not give away pictures of themselves easily. Stupid woman with the camera they must be thinking.
So its become ritual to spot a magpie these days. I search them out and when I find one am happy.

Today the action moved to the garden. It was not just the magpie that I managed to catch, but it was definitely the magpie I was after... :)
Am happy and thinking maybe I need a new set of lenses :)..Wishful thinking!


  1. Bird photography! How the time flies and all of us want a better lens. I am not happy with 70-300mm.

  2. Haha...Thats so true Mridula ! :)
    ... Plenty of garden visitors at the moment... and really beautiful ones at that. Problem here is it gets dark early and its impossible taking shots during week days... and so my adventures in the backyard are all for the weekend , which has of late been super busy as well:)



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