Monday, February 21, 2011

The Mallards..

A pair of Mallards (photographed during one of our walks in Castlecombe)

The Mallards are beautiful birds. A common sight along the small ponds and water bodies of the UK, their vibrant plumage is a perfect contrast to the clear waters along which they seem to so effortlessly glide..
This twosome of the gorgeous male of the green head and the brown and tawny female , was caught during one of our walks in Castlecombe..
At first sight it does appear like the male wears the prime colours, but as I stare at them I can see how intricately brown and beautiful the female is. The mallards cannot be hunted in the breeding season, and a decline in their numbers has resulted in their addition to the Amber list . This means that their numbers have reduced by 25 to 50 % over the past 25 years.
We stand watching the graceful couple roam the waters and after a while we are on our way..

-Meena Venkataraman


  1. Brilliant couple shot! Mallards can also be seen in huge numbers in Indian waters during the winter season.

  2. Thanks :).. Good to know these things.



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