Thursday, January 7, 2010

Once Upon a Winter..

It Snowed all day yesterday..
4:00 PM is when I normally start cooking dinner. So I was standing there in the kitchen, watching the snow and thinking about how lovely it all looked, when I suddenly saw a red face in the background.. 
For a minute I thought I had seen wrong.. 

In a few mins the little Foxy was outside playing in the snow.
He seemed to totally love it . It was quiet a sight watching him roll over and play about.

Got a few shots with my camera. But the zoom wasnt enough and I had the annoying glass window in the way of my shot..

Oh sure he'll visit again and hopefully by then we would have our new Canon lens


  1. So finally you got company there. :) Well, is Mozilla Firefox office near by?


  2. Is it normal seeing fox in your backyard there? I am just wondering the comfortableness of the fox and you :) I hope it will come again and pose for your lenses.

  3. Vijesh ... I know!...I love this sort of company :))
    Sarathy - yeah am hoping he'll come back again too
    Ms N - I know! :):)...I loveeeeee him



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