Tuesday, November 8, 2016


23rd March

The morning could not have been longer. We arrived at the airport early, with a very excited toddler in tow. The concept of a holiday is still something he is discovering, But it's being out and about well before we usually do that's got him all excited. We lounge around the airport and breakfast in one of the restaurants. Everything seems to be going well, until a delay with the take off hits us.
An hour and a half later, we are in our seats ready for take off.

Right after take off, blue skies, wispy white clouds and the jagged coastline cutting into the ocean

The contours of human development observed from the air

We fly into Lisbon tired and hungry, but the aerial view of the city are stunning and make up for the unforeseen delays.

First sights of Lisbon as we land

The city reveals itself..

When we are finally past security, we get our cab to Ciado where our Air B&B apartment awaits, our home for the next  4 days.It is beautiful and out wilful toddler immediately sets about exploring it, The views are spectacular and from where we stand in the balcony we can see the bells of Santa Catalina.

Dinner is a light affair and we wait to explore Lisboa tomorrow.

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