Thursday, November 6, 2014


I've been thinking about resurrecting this blog .
Between Turkey and now, life has been full of adventures.
With parenthood upon us, our little munchkin took to travel quiet early.
But the will to write about it disappeared as catching up on sleep and other things took priority .
Apr this year, still saw us do our ritual travel break and this time we followed the tulip trail from Turkey where we left off last year to he Netherlands
So what inspired this sudden urge to write. Was chatting to a colleague  on a business trip to Oxford .
He is from Italy and was explaining to me about the different kinds of olive oil in the market , and how he would pick the authentic kind . Memory has roots and something surfaced, a flash of whizzing past olive fields in Turkey and the voice of our guide telling us about how Turkey produces much of the olive oil that was then exported and rebranded elsewhere .
That's when I realised , I had left a lot of that adventure unsaid here , and I shall write about it retrospectively when I can .
Then there has been a lot of breaks to the English countryside , so lots of pretty pictures to be put up and talked about .

What has changed though is that while we were once quite fearless in our Travel choices, I now see danger everywhere . I think it's one of the things about being a parent .
Hopefully we will find ways around this and my travel takes will soon commence .



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