Saturday, July 13, 2013

Winds of Troy..

I cannot think about Troy without thinking of Achilles. The ancient city swirling in myths and legends, has been the one place I've always wanted to visit.

So as we crossed over last night after our visit to Gallipoli to Canakkale. We step out into bright sunshine though the forecast says rain. A one hour drive and we find ourselves in Troy.
We huddle around our guide

Dates around when the city was built..
A  model of the legendary wooden horse is under renovation, the black form that hangs over its form cloaking our imagination. With most things that are this old, the line between that really happened and what we choose to believe is blurred.  As Tolkien says in his 'Lord of the Rings', "History becomes Legend and Legend becomes Myth."

Did the Trojan War really happen? Did the battle cries of the heroes of my imagination really fill this land. Well disappointingly I learn that the answer to this is No. Troy might have been immortalized in the doomed love of Helen and Paris in Homer's Illiad, but research has not backed this as fact and the story stays largely as just that a story.

The remains of a Greek Theater..
Ruins, ruins everywhere. We pass the remains of a Greek Theater, beautiful in white stained by the onslaught of time. Majestic columns lie strewn on the grass, grand fallen as they may be.

As with most ancient cities, Troy is made up of many layers, 9 to be precise.
When one layer of the city crumbled, another was built on it and that's precisely what we see as we move around the ruins of the city. A city like this is called a 'Tell'

Runis of Troy..

The view from the site..
There are some great view from the site. A white tree stands as beautiful as a silent sentinel watching the progress of the years run past in haste and hurry.

When we  finally leave Troy the sun is right overhead. We hurry onwards to the bus. There are other places to see and more history to catch up with


  1. Majestic ruins. Nice post on Troy.

  2. I like the picture of the cherry lookalike tree. Who planted it there? How did the ruins look like at that time? I love history just for these questions. A nice slice from history, well written.



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