Saturday, December 8, 2012

Visiting Caernarfon..

I have had my fair share of castles. They dot the landscape around here. Most are pretty, and doing the rounds we often discover reasons for why they have been built in a certain place.
But none I have seen are as impressive and robust as Caernarfon. Tall polygonal structures tower towards the sky, alert and watchful. The waters around Carnaforn are strewn with boats

Inside Caernarfon
The River Seiont is bustling with activity. Shops selling curios sit prettily on the shores.
Seagulls sit at their favourite spots , I guess observing people.

We walk aimlessly on the green grass inside. There is an exhibition to be seen. The lock on the door catches my eye, a big black iron structure which seems to say, What's locked in stays locked in.
The doors are solid iron. Everything around here exudes power. This castle an undertaking of Edward I, was as much a mission in symbolism as it was a quest for him to stamp his supremacy on all of Wales. The stones around the castle are carefully colour coded, arranged in bands, throwing up the corners of the towers in sharp relief.

Around Caernarfon, stand majestic blue mountains, snow on the mountain tops. They give me goose bumps. Black clouds loom large holding out the threat to spill rain. The sun looks on meekly, at a seemingly superior opponent.

The river is beautiful. It probably looked different when the castle was first built and has scene war and peace through its time here. Caernaforn. When Wales fell into the hands of the English, Carnoforn was one of the targets of the Glyndwr uprising or The last war of Independence.
Today it is a picture of calm, tranquil and blue, with bright boats on its cool waters.

Caernaforn played host to the investiture of Prince Charles , Prince of Wales in 1969

We walk past the moat and across the bridge. The Welsh flag flutters in the breeze, the dragon on it proud and strong.

From across the road we see the castle in all her glory.

Caernaforn from across the river

It is a cold April morning. Two hours after walking the breadth of Caernaforn we head for tea.
I came thinking I would see another castle, but this was a castle like none I have seen before.
Maybe if I had to pick favourites I  would choose the romance of the Urqhart , or the splendours of some that I have seen back home like the ones in Jaipur and Udaipur. But if I wanted to be safe locked behind walls, then I would pick Caernaforn . :)


  1. I loved the picture of the boats. It really looks like a place where one would experience serenity. Not really been inside many castles, but have lovely memories of the Romantische Strasse in Southern Germany that linked many heritage towns and castles along a 350 km route.

  2. Kiran - the scene was just so beautiful, especially the reflection of the boats on the clear waters of the river.
    Wow - 350 kms of heritage towns? That must have been quiet an experience

  3. The castles look beautiful. You have captured them well.

  4. The dark clouds does give it an ominous feel. I always find it amazing how the weather adds an extra dimension to the feel of a place. Nice writing!



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