Saturday, January 1, 2011

NYE in London

We joined scores of Londoners in welcoming the New Year. People had been queuing up since evening and when we got there the crowds were already there, some sitting on the pavements, some making their way to better spots to watch the action , all of them enjoying themselves, braving the cold. An aura of festivity hung in the air.

We walked past the fountains of Trafalgar square, beautifully lit up.  The Christmas Tree , an annual gift from the Norwegians to the People of London since 1947, as a token of gratitude for support during the second world war, stands tall, resplendent in lights. Note to the self to join the hoards of people watching the tree lighting ceremony next year

Outside Trafalgar Square, The National Art Gallery in the Background
As we walk on the Big Ben emerges into view...  Breathtakingly resplendent against the ravishing dark,  night skies, dazzling gold against black. We are beginning to realize that we may be short on time and may not get to the boat. The entrance is nowhere in sight, and as we walk braving the crowds , we realize that we are as good as lost.
The beautiful , Big Ben
Luck smiles in the dark and we ask the right person for help, he happens to be heading the same way adn asks us to follow. We struggle to keep pace, but eventually get there...

The cruise was beautiful, we pass most of London's Landmarks. The Towerbridge , grey and blue , gloriously bright as we pass by. We wave to the scores of people standing on the bridges
Counting down the New Year..
A good two hours later , when we finally dock, we keep looking at the big ben to measure the passing minutes... The countdown begins and we chat the numbers with the teeming multitudes..
And then the fireworks begin, an explosion of Spectacular colours
Let the Games begin..

Welcome 2011

We realize It's going to be a while before we get home :).

Happy New Year Everyone :). To more travel and distant horizons and masts that never tire of the wind..



  1. beautiful!

    happy new year to you and S!

  2. and to you guys :) so glad you are back :))



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