Friday, December 24, 2010

Autumn in Greenwich..

I come form a country of two seasons, - Summer and Winter. Winter is just summer to a milder degree and nothing else :). So Autumn swept me away with all its beautiful colours.
Spring was pretty, Green and young and full of the laughter of gentle winds, Spring fell and then there was Autumn- The reds, the browns, the yellows, I loved them all!
So one lazy Sunday we decided to take the bus to Greenwich which is my favorite place in the whole of London. A walk down the park with all its ravishing colours, was the perfect end to a busy week.

I would have loved to stay longer. But this time of the year also means we move into darkness early. So it was time to head home.



  1. Lovely, Autumn colors always fascinate me.

  2. I'm quite contented with all we have in India, except...wonder why we have only one season or maybe two. When I was returning to India from having lived in the U.S.for a while, I collected fall leaves on my last week there to bring back home (to last forever, as I had hoped) the memories of the fall...

  3. My thoughts exactly :). India is a beautiful place. But to have never known the prettiness of Autumn is something I feel sad about.. Its such an incredibly pretty season. I was soo in awe here that at times I would literally stand and stare. Wonder what passersby thought of me

    Ahhh you collected leaves?... Souvenirs of the fall :)..Thats so sweet.



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