Saturday, September 18, 2010

London Street Food..

I love the Food markets...They serve some of the most delicious food with the option of choosing from a wide variety of cuisines, and at a price that really is value for money.

The first one I visited was the 'Borough Market'. it happened to be a cold winters day, my first here. So all bundled up we hurried into the market. But everything there made me stop and stare...
All kinds of food, deliciously mouth watering spread out , the market a picture of gastronomic activity.
Every shop giving away free samples that we willingly devoured , which rather than help only made the choice of what to eat much harder... :)
One of the shops in Borough market..
Malaysian Curry..
Mulled Wine..Yummm!
Pasteries , cakes ... double yumm..

After a lovely day out we decided there was no better place than the market at 'Camedon'...
So thats where we went... This time we tried Mexican..

Camedon Market

The market itself is beautiful. It was a lovely day and we joined scores of sun worshipers in their quest to celebrate summer. I loved the Gothic pieces places along the market. The pubs were overflowing with people...

We also got to sit by the cannal and watch the Camedon locks in action

Much later we discovered the 'Exmouth market', close to where I work on Clarkenwell road. Its tradition on Friday to visit the food market and I personally recommend the Ghanaian food. The cake shop is an absolute favourite too.
Unfortunately I have never carried a camera on these ritual visits and so no pictures:(

Word of our market expeditions got around and a friend at work recommended another one in the same area...'The Whitecross market', much bigger and much more crowded but lovely nonetheless. Its close to Barbican and is fairly easy to find. The street was packed and when we got there the queues were already fairly long with hungry people waiting their turn with ravenous eyes :)

Feel like 'Italian'?.. Whitecross Market

I love the Street Food scene in London and I just hope we uncover many more as we roam the city :)



  1. I am curiuos do you get lots of veggie options?

  2. Lots Gayathri... Typically each stall has a veggie you are spoilt for choice ;)

  3. WOW!!! My mouth is already watering

  4. I love these kinda markets. Also the farmers' ones. They always make me happy for some reason :)

  5. Sunanda - what are farmer markets? Are they the ones where local produce is sold?



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