Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bangalore Mornings..

The Morning mist has an irresistible allure to it.
Silhouettes that could inspire poetry...

All these were taken when my cell phone camera.
The resolution isn't great. But this was all we had to catch the moment..


  1. CV Raman Nagar railway track:) Ah, the amount of things I have shot here.

  2. Haha .. Its such a pretty place isn't it.. The last part of the track spoils everything.. Lots of plastics stewn.. They should just go right ahead and bad plastics..

  3. Well the last part of the track sure is messed up.. but the track that comes around byapanahalli makes up for it:) Have you checked out that side of the track?

  4. Well this track that am talking about is an existing track.. as in there are trains that come and go each day.. but the track is brilliant.

  5. Hey Meena, i cant believe its B'lore. I have seen that place and yes its amazing. Good shot as well. Ur mobile cam rez is abt 6mp or wat ? :)



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