Friday, August 15, 2008

Mood of a Nation..

We were driving down to Masanagudi on the morn of the 15th. It was wonderful to watch India celebrate her Independence. The Tricolors were out on glorious display. Fluttering happily reminding us of our resilience as a nation , telling us that in spite of bad roads, poor infrastructure, Corrupt governance we still are a free people. As Spartucus so proudly said,
" I'm not a King, I'm something better, I"m a free man! "

Love you India - Muaaaaaaaaah!!

Happy Independence Day Guys!
Would be great if our pride translates into action - Like not littering our roads, using less plastics, standing in a queue without being told to.. Think about it!

-Meena Venkataraman


  1. You are the first person(that i know of) who offered a kiss to our country. And in public. Ofcourse she deserves it. And happy independence day to u too!

  2. Vande Mataram:) It was indeed a beautiful sight to watch when I was driving down to Kodaikanal as well this weekend.
    She is truly a beauty isn't she?:)



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