Sunday, January 8, 2012

Around London..

A couple of weeks ago, we found ourselves at the Christmas market in South bank.  Early December, means the sun is gone before the day is done. It was grey and windy, cold as we crossed the bridge from Waterloo. But I had to stop for a few pictures. Enveloped by darkness, the city flickered in reflections across the Thames. In a distance the Blue wheel of the London eye , striking against the black night. The Big Ben stood some distance away. Below us were brightly lit boats moving like fireflies above the dark waters.

The market on that day played host to a choclate festival. We went around sampling the free goodies until our mouths tired of the bitter sweet taste of cocoa.

We quickly lapped up Mulled wine being handed out in little glasses. I love mulled wine and I have always wanted to try making some at home. Maybe I will this time around Christmas

Finally we get to the stalls which seem to be selling food. There's no sign of the friends we are supposed to be meeting. So we dig in. The stall selling German sausages has the longest queue. We go by the numbers as an indication of how good the food is. My husband is not disappointed. Being vegetarian, I hunt for other places to eat

From where we stand , on a bridge overlooking the market itself, we see lines of stalls, beautifully lit up in blue and white. There's a buzz in the cold december air.  It is so pretty. On days like these am really thankful for the phone in my camera. I have never been a fan of big phones. But the option to capture fleeting images, makes the bulk worthwhile.

We linger on for a while. When we finally meet our friends it is freezing outside. So we do the sensible thing and head for the warm confines of a pub. :)


  1. a chocolate festival...that must be great to experience! Never been to one. Every year, in Bangalore, one sees more and more of Christmas celebration on the streets, not yet as beautiful as what you have in your pictures though. I guess our Diwali is special. I sometimes think I'd want to see every Indian city during every festival!

  2. IB- Yup ..its get to try all kinds of chocolates ..they even had a stall where someone was giving lessons on how to make chocolates..
    Diwali is indeed special from an Indian perspective..So is Dusherra and Genesh Chaturti..If you move down south Pongal is a lovely festival which makes streets erupt in activity.

  3. Love that first shot! Really cool!

  4. Matna - Thank you. I can't believe its so clear considering it was only taken on the cam on my mobile..nothing fancy



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